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What is it?

Welcome to the first tabletop pinball system made of made of 40% recycled cardboard. It’s a DIY system made of die cut parts, customizable play boards, and is completely powered by you + gravity.

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It only takes about 45-90 minutes. Pop out the pre-cut pieces and follow along with the instruction guide. All you’ll need is the kit and a pair of ready-to-fold hands.

Build It
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The beauty of the PinBox 3000, is it’s a blank slate! It’s made for you to create whatever the pinballer inside you can dream up and do. Add ramps, spinners, black holes, castles, you pick! There are free online templates, downloadable content and how-to videos.



Play endlessly with anythingyou want to add or change to your board, or try our interchangeable play fields! Or buy two and challenge a friend in battlemode!

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pinbox 3000

Each game comes with what you need for complete assembly, plus an instruction booklet with pro tips for customizing your game.

Pre-order on indiegogo $45 $40


Two PinBox 3000 game kits so that you can engage in head-to-head,

back-to-back Battlemode.

Pre-order on indiegogo $75

PinBox 3000 Party Pack

Educators! Your hackable STEAM-powered physics-based gaming device is here! Get 10 PinBox 3000 kits plus our curriculum and support from the Cardboard Teck Instantute. Tilt the future!

Pre-order on indiegogo $325