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Monster Sweets - PinBox 3000 GameChanger Expansion Bundle

Monster Sweets - PinBox 3000 GameChanger Expansion Bundle

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Monster Sweets - PinBox 3000 GameChanger Expansion Bundle

Tilt the future with PinBox 3000, a DIY kit that allows you to build, design, and play your own cardboard pinball game, plus the Monster Sweets GameChanger expansion!

BUILD. Assembly is a snap with easy to follow instructions, and no extra tools are required. Each of the 39 die-cut cardboard pieces, and additional card stock GameChanger pieces, punch out and fold into place. Flippers and marble launcher are powered by rubber bands.

PREHEAT THE OVEN. Upgrade your PinBox 3000 with the GameChanger expansion, including two full sheets of custom designed laser-cut card stock. Once built, you must unlock your ingredients, measure your teethspoons, claw pinches of salt, and tilt it all into your mix-mashing pinball machine. Featuring incredible artist Lisa Fenix Barber! Extra points for actually cooking the cupcake recipe written on the game! Also includes an extra playboard to design and customize your own creation!

PLAY! Flip out with your pinball game. Easily swap out Monster Sweets with your own playboard design to continue the pinball fun!

This bundle includes a PinBox 3000 DIY Cardboard Pinball Kit, Monster Sweets GameChanger Expansion, and an additional interchangeable playboard for you to customize and design your own game. 

Monster Sweets GameChanger Expansion Includes:

  • Two high-quality printed card stock laser cut structural elements
  • Stickers for front hood, flippers and header
  • Link to assembly instruction video

PinBox 3000 DIY Cardboard Pinball Kit Includes:

  • 12 die cut slides containing 39 essential parts
  • 30 box rivets 
  • 12 rubber bands
  • Three marbles
  • One hook tool, one mini pencil, one hole puncher
  • Die cut extra parts for classic pinball layout
  • Written assembly guide (real-time assembly video at

    Age recommendation for the Swamp Quest playboard expansion portion of this kit is 12 and up, or with adult supervision.

    Shipping notes: Standard shipping is 3-5 days. 

    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD - Toy contains marbles. Not for children under 3 years. 


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