10 Ways in which PinBox 3000 will Tilt the Future

10 Ways in which PinBox 3000 will Tilt the Future

10 Great Things about the PinBox 3000

1. Not plastic. The earth has a plastic crisis and its time to shift to sustainable materials for everything we use, including toys.

2. Grit. A generation of instant gratification from touch screen tech has led to a deficiency in perseverance. Building a PinBox 3000 requires no tools, but an hour of focused attention and quite possibly, grit.

3. Do-it-yourself. No one else knows you better than you. Make your own game system where you are the designer. Hack away.

4. Maker Community. Building a PinBox 3000 is an invitation into the maker movement. Its easy to start attaching tech to your PinBox 3000 with the support from the maker community.

5. STEAM platform. Bring the PinBox 3000 into the classroom and generate project-based STEAM learning with the help of our curriculum support and many tools already available at school.

6. Beyond Blue and Pink. The industry of children's products can't seem to move past the idea that there needs to be separate products for boy and girls

7. Screen-free. A glowing screen can't give you that satisfaction that comes from building mechanical features and obstacles for your PinBox 3000. Research shows too much screen time could inhibit emotional intelligence.

8. Pinball = history. Pinball is essential game design that corresponds to industrial innovations. Flip though the pages of history with the Strong Museum's Pinball Playfields exhibit in Rochester NY.

9. Made in the USA. Our commitment to US workers, manufacturers, and quality products gives us the opportunity to stay close to the process and keep all our money here in the US. For what we do, and our mission, it makes sense. Meet our manufacturer!

10. Wicked fun. We at our best when we're having fun. Lets laugh, learn, and play games together.

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