PinBox 3000 for Educators

Tilt the Classroom!

Winner of thirteen ribbons for Educational Excellence from World Maker Faire, 2015-2016

Flip Out With Project Based Learning!

At Cardboard Teck Instantute we believe STEM oriented project based learning plays a crucial role in the development of students. We are pleased to offer our PinBox 3000 customizable tabletop pinball machine to educational programs. The PinBox 3000 gives students the opportunity to expand their classroom experience through hands on activities using simple craft tools, art supplies, and recycled elements.

The PinBox 3000 ramps up students interest in a variety of educational fields. Create a project based activity that integrates with any subject material!

  • Math
  • Engineering
  • Physics
  • Science
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Art
  • Design
  • Electronics, & more!

Students, Fully Engaged!

The PinBox 3000 engages all types of students: gamers, makers, crafters, artists, engineers, and creative thinkers. Teachers can easily integrate thematic subject matter from their courses into fun and educational activities that promote teamwork, problem solving, and design implementation. Students will engage in math, science, and art as they prototype elements of their PinBox 3000 using craft materials, recycled materials, or 3D printed objects.


Each PinBox 3000 includes removable playboards, each with a self-contained flipper and launcher system. This cartridge system allows the platform to extend its life in the classroom by allowing multiple iterations using the previous year's chassis, with only the playboard to purchase for the next class.


Assembly time is one hour. No tools are required for assembly. The suggested timeline for a workshop using the PinBox 3000 curriculum guide is five sessions of 60-90 minutes each or one full day.

Bring the PinBox 3000 into your Classroom

Each PinBox 3000 Educator Pack comes fully loaded with a variety of materials and additional content!

  • Twenty four individual unassembled kits, about 2 hours to build in group settings
  • Printed graphics on the negative space of each punch out slide for multiple custom themes and inspiration
  • Two games may be linked together for two player Battlemode!
  • Hands-on platform for engaging new subject matter!
  • Project-based learning pdfs (Elementary, Middle, or High School)

  • Electronics Curriculum (email for info)

  • Cardboard Teck Support for classroom integration

  • Design templates and challenges
  • Designs for use on laser cutters and 3D printers

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