Cardboard Teck Invades Minneapolis

Cardboard Teck Invades Minneapolis

Pete and the PinBox 3000 Move to Minneapolis

Its a new era for the Cardboard Teck Instantute - a Westward expansion and the arrival of the PinBox 3000 to the middle coast. TenYear’d Add-Junk Professor Pete Talbot has recently moved to Minneapolis Minnesota, a bustling hub of art, an amazing cardboard community, and pinball! He joins his partner Olli Johnson, a local superstar in the puppetry, cardboard arts, automata and paper engineering communities. In the Twin Cities, Pete is excited to continue working as lead designer for CTI, creating more PinBox 3000 designs and video support, custom cardboard, and 3D printable projects for in and outside of the classroom. He’ll be busting out new Cardboard Teck Instantute products, inventions, and hacks. While he secures an office space/instantute studio, Pete’s current Minneapolis CTI office functionally exists in a closet. This is not just any closet! It is the cardboard artist storage facility of local art powerhouses Mark Safford and Krista Pearson.

The house of Mark Safford and Krista Pearson is easily recognizable thanks to the friendly papier mache giraffes that stand watch.

Inspiring puppets within the puppet house.

In the middle is non other than Pete, and his glorious beard!

The Cardboard Adventure Unfolds!

Since landing in Minneapolis, Pete has been hard at work setting up appearances for the Cardboard Teck Instantute and the PinBox 3000. From classroom residencies, to all age hack-tastic workshops, to full on ArtCade flip-out marble madness! The soon-to-be midwest HQ of CTI will be around the corner from the Ivy building, another amazing space that provides studios to a number of incredible artists, puppeteers and cardboard enthusiasts. This is the home of Adventures in Cardboard, a group that specializes in cardboard armor, weapons, costumes and storytelling. For hundreds of kids throughout the summer, they build worlds and craft gear for corrugated battle. Pete has worked in their armory over the two years since he’s been visiting Minneapolis, sweating over the hot molten cardboard forge, crafting oversized battleaxes to make any orc clan leader cringe.

A typical obstacle at Can Can Wonderland, the nearby mini-golf and arcade entertainment center.

Pete explores the Ivy Arts Building and finds spooky sculpture from Barebones, an outdoor puppetry performance.

On January 30th, Pete Talbot begins a two week residency at the Science Museum of Minnesota in their Cardboard Engineering Gallery. Pete will be creating a large cardboard sculpture to inspire other people as they also create their own structures and designs using museum-provided tools and hundreds of boxes. Pete will continue his work with the home office in Burlington Vermont, designing great innovations for the PinBox 3000 and new (super secret) projects.

Stay tuned as well for news about public appearances of the PinBox 3000 ArtCade. Coming soon to Can Can Wonderland! The amazing indoor mini-golf and classic arcade art experience!

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