Educators are Crushing on the PinBox 3000

Educators are Crushing on the PinBox 3000

Engaging the Classroom!

The Cardboard Teck Instantute is pleased to offer our PinBox 3000 customizable tabletop pinball machine for educational programs.  The PinBox 3000 platform gives students the opportunity to design an interactive game/diorama with tools that are easily sourced and managed.  

The PinBox 3000 is a tactile gaming platform that integrates with any subject material while also reinvigorating interest in math, mechanical engineering, product design, physics, sculpture, art, game design, and performance.  We offer curriculum guides for elementary, middle, and high school that emphasize experiential learning appropriately scaled for curious students of all abilities.  New curriculum will be rolling out in 2018.

Project Based Learning

The PinBox 3000 has great potential in a classroom, library, makerspace, after school program, or camp.  With a STEM/STEAM-based interdisciplinary approach, students are able to engage on many levels creatively and technically, as fits the different learning styles of students.  

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