Inside the Epic Cardboard Adventure Camp!

Inside the Epic Cardboard Adventure Camp!

Epic Interns!

This summer Cardboard Teck has initiated four "junior interns" to help around the Montpelier studio. This summer they have worked on customizing PinBox 3000 games, helping at our Independance Day event on the State House Lawn, and as guests in our upcoming YouTube videos. These young students have been committed to Cardboard Teck, having attended our annual Epic Cardboard Adventure Camp for the last four years! This year they are Counselors in Training for the camp, and we'll be building PinBox 3000 as a part of it, as well as playing an epic live-action role-playing game we invented. We call it Cardboard Quest!

And beginning on Monday, the interns will be high-jacking the Cardboard Teck Instagram account! Yes, we are turning over our password to these wacky, creative kids, who will post fun content for two weeks. If you don't already, be sure to follow our Instagram account!

Introducing the Interns!

This year, we have four totally awesome interns at the Epic Cardboard Adventure Camp! See who is involved and learn more about them!


Bianca Whitesell is a 13 years old in 8th grade. She has many hobbies such as drawing, trick skiing, playing D&D, and of course working with cardboard. Bianca loves to draw and help make ideas come to life, that is one of the reasons she love Cardboard Adventure Camp.

Her favorite thing about the Pinbox 3000 designed and produced by Ben Matchstick and Pete Talbot is that you can customize it and make it unique. She also loves that it is a hands on project that is easy to make.


My name is Cody Smith, a thirteen year old in eighth grade. In my spare time I like to read, make stuff out of cardboard and foam, play RPGs like D&D, code, use computers, and craft and play on pinbox 3000s. I enjoy making props of fantasy and sci-fi weapons because I enjoy making stuff from my books become a reality. I can also program and write code decently. I have been a camper at Cardboard Teck's summer camps for 4-5 years, and loved every single day of those camps. I met new people, learned new skills, created new games, and all around just had a ton of fun. I'm extremely excited to be working with Cardboard Teck so that I can not only learn new skills, but also pass on the amazing experience that I had at The Epic Cardboard Adventure Camp on to younger kids. I think that working with Cardboard Teck will also give me some real world experience with being in a business, and with working with others.


Liam Boyles is a 7th grader on team Dynamix at Main Street Middle School. He plays trumpet and is in the jazz band. He also drums as a habit. Liam enjoys playing D&D and Magic the Gathering. Liam has been playing with cardboard since he was little. Liams favorite thing about working with Pinbox3000 is that you can customize it. Liam plans on learning more ways to customize Pinbox 3000 this summer.


Rowan Harple is an eighth grader from Montpelier Vermont. Rowan enjoys skateboarding, drawing and general cardoardistry. Rowan has been playing with cardboard design and building for the majority of his youth, and he does not plan to stop anytime soon. His favorite thing about working with PinBox3000s (and cardboard in general) is the type of people that gravitate towards it, and the amount of time you can devote to it whilst not getting bored.

Rowan plans on learning many more cardboard techniques over the summer and hopes that he can pass down his learnings to the next generation of cardboard enthusiasts.

Don't Miss the Instagram Takeover!

We weren't joking when we said the interns will be taking over the Cardboard Teck Instagram account for two weeks! What will they post!? Follow us to see what happens next at the Epic Cardboard Adventure Camp and with the Instagram teen takeover!

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