The Contraption Kit from Dazzlinks!

The Contraption Kit from Dazzlinks!


Do you want a construction kit for your classroom that is affordable, expandable, and fun? Do you need an engineering, design, and teamwork project that will bring hands-on elements to STEM concepts? We have a new partnering product line that we're excited to roll out for 2018.

Our good friends at Dazzling Discoveries have invented the new Contraption Kit! Challenge your students to build exciting kinetic contraptions, or structures like bridges, catapults, towers, carousels, marble runs or any you can dream up.

The collection of rubber bands, sticks, straws, brass brads, pipe cleaners, balls and marbles will challenge your students to problem solve with hands-on creativity. The components can be used again and again, or you can allow students to cut the shapes and create a one-of-a-kind piece.

The Contraptions Kit comes will all that you see here and is $184. You can place your order here.

We welcome the Contraptions Kit into our collection of educational products at

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