Testimony from a Teaching Artist

Testimony from a Teaching Artist

When you get a testimony like this, it can really motivate you. Inspired to continue to Tilt the Future! -Ben

I brought PinBox 3000 to 5th and 6th grade classrooms as a teaching artist and I cannot stress enough what an amazing educational opportunity it was! I used PinBox 3000 as an integrated art project, that incorporated engineering and design with the concepts of kinetic and potential energy. Not only were these concepts better understood, but there was extremely valuable social and emotional learning that took place by creating our own pinball emporium at the end of the unit.

Students all personalized their pinball machines and we convened in the library to receive student and teacher visitors from other classrooms. By ending this process with sharing these separate creations side-by-side as one large accomplishment, we strengthened our classroom community, celebrated each student's unique creative choices, and enriched our overall learning of these physical science concepts.

Because of PinBox 3000, teachers at my school were able to identify several students with exceptional gifts for engineering. This has allowed us to better understand methods for teaching to their strengths, as well as discovering an exciting skill in them to nurture.

This project brought out all the inspirational moments that can happen in learning that made me want to become a teacher in the first place! I highly recommend PinBox 3000 as an educational tool and classroom project that can culminate in a larger open house celebration.

Thank you, Cardboard Teck!


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