What is the PinBox 3000?

Tilt the Future with Cardboard

The PinBox 3000 is a customizable cardboard pinball machine that serves as a modular platform to build, design, and play through physics and engineering. Each PinBox 3000 is entirely unique, with the user deciding how the pinball table operates. Engage your maker spirit, get crafty, and flip out!

Cardboard Teck Instantute is a collection of engineers, makers, and DIY afficionados that believe learning and creativity are at the intersection of fun. We love all things pinball and cardboard, and invite you to tilt the future with us!

Build DIY cardboard pinball toys

Cardboard Construction

Each PinBox 3000 kit comes with all of the essential parts to build your own custom cardboard pinball machine.

  • 39 diecut parts made from high-quality corrugated cardboard
  • Slot and tab assembly
  • Easy to follow instructions with 60 minute assembly video
  • No tools required, build right out of the box
Design DIY cardboard pinball toys

Customize Your Game

Once built, the PinBox 3000 provides unlimited possibilities as your design your own pinball table. From ramps to bumpers, you decide where everything goes.

  • Design your own game
  • Two interchangeable playboards for multiple design possiblities
  • Extra pieces for "Classic" layout included
  • Add LEDs, motors, toys - whatever!
  • Get crafty with your customized game
Play DIY cardboard pinball toys

Flip Out!

It's time for pinball action! Flip, roll, tilt, and bump with a pinball machine that was designed entirely by you!

  • Rubber band and gravity powered
  • Activate multiplayer by connecting two games for Battlemode
  • You make the rules, you set the objectives
  • Tilt the future!