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PinBox 3000

Battlemode Rubber Band & Marble Pack

Battlemode Rubber Band & Marble Pack

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BATTLEMODE READY! Is your PinBox 3000 hungry for more rubberbands? Need two teams of marble colors so you can battle it out? Have you lost your hook tool? Look no further! The Battlemode Rubber band and Marble pack is here for you.

These latex-free orange rubber bands provide light tension and allow for quick reflexes, which is important when shooting for your multi-ball jackpot!

Contains .4 oz of rubber bands. About 40 total. Each bag of rubber bands comes with our special hook tool. 

Flip out! Tilt the Future!


  • 10 marbles in two team colors (colors may vary)
  • About 40 official PinBox 3000 rubber bands. 
  • One hook tool

Shipping is $5. Continental US customers only. 

WARNING CHOKING HAZARD: not recommended for small children.

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